Main Dish

Simple Sichuan Noodles

There has been a long break, I understand. Traveling, work load and new goal- running has taken up entire weekdays and whatever was left of weekends too. But no more will that be an excuse for not writing on the blog. In fact, since I started running I have been cooking healthy recipes regularly so… Continue reading Simple Sichuan Noodles

Sides and Snacks

Vegan Carrot Slaw

Are you psyched by the notion of a healthy side for the thanksgiving feast that will also make your Vegan friends happy? Then you have come to the right corner in the town. Following fresh, slightly sweet, slightly tangy and slightly spicy preparation will leave your taste buds satisfied and your dietary app without any… Continue reading Vegan Carrot Slaw


Gulab Jamun

This is a quintessential Indian dessert. Delicious, very soft, deep fried flour balls completely soaked in sugar syrup; these little balls of awesomeness will be certainly present for any Indian festive, happy occasion or celebration. Life events world over get celebrated over Gulab Jamun. It is as notorious in its skills-and-experience requirement while cooking as… Continue reading Gulab Jamun

Appetizers · Sides and Snacks

Mint Chutney

I am going to make a confession- I am obsessed with mint. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Who would otherwise go to the extent of adding “mint” even in their blog name? So along with that obsession comes the perpetual need to try it out in many different forms in many different recipes.… Continue reading Mint Chutney

Main Dish · Soups and Salads

Butternut Squash Soup

One sure sign that cold has appeared on the horizon is that some heavy orange vegetables make appearance on the local scene of grocery stores and farmer’s markets. You thought of pumpkin of course, didn’t you? Pumpkin IS in fact an all time favorite and but there is this another mysterious smaller one with somewhat… Continue reading Butternut Squash Soup

Appetizers · Main Dish

Bombay Misal (Spicy Moth Beans)

Moth beans have been my favorite variety of pulses. I always loved all pulses, but these especially. Despite its rather lackluster name. Their brown earthy color always appealed to me. The sprouts that were white, the brown shell and beige color inner layer of these were like nature’s mystery. And I always loved to unravel… Continue reading Bombay Misal (Spicy Moth Beans)


Source Your Raw Material!

It all has to start at the beginning of everything. What you make is only as good as what you started with. That’s true in our everyday lives as well as for food. Especially for food. Fresh ingredients are the key to great tasting food. And this is where “how they have been grown” comes… Continue reading Source Your Raw Material!

Appetizers · Breakfast

Kande Pohe

Today’s recipe is a very simple preparation, fresh and yet simple flavors. But staying true to this legendary Da Vinci saying “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, it will invariably make you build, quite unknowingly too, a sophisticated net of memories that come to surface every time you smell the tangy, steamy fragrance of Kande Pohe. When I… Continue reading Kande Pohe

Main Dish

Indian Sloppy Joe- Pav Bhaji

Pav is Portugese for bread (pao). Bhaji is simply vegetable(s) in Hindi or Marathi. So this dish simply means vegetables eaten with bread. Sounds rather bland, doesn’t it? Very plain- eat mashed vegetables with bread, humans have been doing some form of this type of eating for centuries. Unfortunately simplicity of this name doesn’t do… Continue reading Indian Sloppy Joe- Pav Bhaji


Strawberry Mint Smoothie

Smoothies is an all time favorite “snack” to me. Extremely quick to make, very refreshing to taste and even better, making smoothie is a sure-shot way of consuming all the fresh fruits stacked up in our fridge! Don’t just eat one at a time, go all-the-way.. Anyway, so when you don’t have variety of berries to… Continue reading Strawberry Mint Smoothie