Vegan Carrot Slaw

Are you psyched by the notion of a healthy side for the thanksgiving feast that will also make your Vegan friends happy? Then you have come to the right corner in the town. Following fresh, slightly sweet, slightly tangy and slightly spicy preparation will leave your taste buds satisfied and your dietary app without any… Continue reading Vegan Carrot Slaw

Mint Chutney

I am going to make a confession- I am obsessed with mint. But you already knew that, didn't you? Who would otherwise go to the extent of adding "mint" even in their blog name? So along with that obsession comes the perpetual need to try it out in many different forms in many different recipes.… Continue reading Mint Chutney

Goat cheese, Raspberries and Honey

This is a real simple one. And no, I am not being lazy. In fact, quite the opposite. I did a quick bike ride earlier today, finished my usual workout and afterwords I was looking for a quick snack. Something that is healthy and satisfying. I opened my fridge and found some fresh goat cheese.… Continue reading Goat cheese, Raspberries and Honey