Poetry in Silence

It's a spoken word poem I wrote over three years ago. This is the golden age of information Yes, it is the age of information The constant flow of quantitation Suffocated by news media strangulation And frightened by total privacy invasion Visual overload defined as good stimulation Persistent pressure for new technology implementation Increasing cacophony… Continue reading Poetry in Silence


Objectively Right Principles

Yesterday, the world woke up to the historic outcome of US presidential election. I and everyone I personally know was shocked by the fact that Mr. Donald Trump is the president-elect of this 2016 election. How could this happen? I was bewildered and confused. I live in silicon valley, which is the center of innovation,… Continue reading Objectively Right Principles

What Sól taught me

I visited Iceland recently. It’s a magical place. Nature, in all its grandeur is forever present all the way to horizon on all sides. People are polite, nice and willing to help you out. They are also extremely well-connected to the grid. Among those who crossed my path, one person really struck me as remarkable… Continue reading What Sól taught me