Clementine Cake

I had not baked anything in a while. As in, baked sweet delicious little things.. I have baked asparagus, brussel sprouts and other food for weekday dinners. But dessert had been somehow outside of the radar. But it was March, weather was getting better and it was one of my friend's birthday. Perfect reason to… Continue reading Clementine Cake


Gulab Jamun

This is a quintessential Indian dessert. Delicious, very soft, deep fried flour balls completely soaked in sugar syrup; these little balls of awesomeness will be certainly present for any Indian festive, happy occasion or celebration. Life events world over get celebrated over Gulab Jamun. It is as notorious in its skills-and-experience requirement while cooking as… Continue reading Gulab Jamun

Fig Mascarpone Tart

I am always fascinated by tarts. Their wavy shape, that flaky texture, soft and rich filling... It is so appealing! And, in my view, Figs are magical objects. The dark outer coating that resembles an onion, brilliant mauve color once cut open, tender threadlike flesh and sweet taste! And to make it even more awesome,… Continue reading Fig Mascarpone Tart