Mint Chutney

I am going to make a confession- I am obsessed with mint. But you already knew that, didn't you? Who would otherwise go to the extent of adding "mint" even in their blog name? So along with that obsession comes the perpetual need to try it out in many different forms in many different recipes.… Continue reading Mint Chutney


Bombay Misal

Moth beans have been my favorite variety of pulses. I always loved all pulses, but these especially. Despite its rather lackluster name. Their brown earthy color always appealed to me. The sprouts that were white, the brown shell and beige color inner layer of these were like nature's mystery. And I always loved to unravel… Continue reading Bombay Misal

Kande Pohe

Today's recipe is a very simple preparation, fresh and yet simple flavors. But staying true to this legendary Da Vinci saying "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", it will invariably make you build, quite¬†unknowingly too,¬†a sophisticated net of memories that come to surface every time you smell the tangy, steamy fragrance of Kande Pohe. When I… Continue reading Kande Pohe

Savory Pancakes (Amboli)

This is immensely quick to prepare. Really. I mean, they're pancakes. So the quick preparation and comfort factor are guaranteed! But the usual sweetness is replaced by its good friend. The one that doesn't necessarily make appearance on breakfast table that frequently, unless you are making an omelet. These pancakes are eggless and they are… Continue reading Savory Pancakes (Amboli)

Vangyache Kaap (Crispy Eggplant Chips)

Let me introduce you to this traditional delicious eggplant recipe from Western India. We ate this with spicy ketchup. I had such a craving for this, that I made these on a whim and I only had regular ketchup. But fear-not I told myself, out came sriracha. A couple squeezes of that into the regular… Continue reading Vangyache Kaap (Crispy Eggplant Chips)

Gobi Manchurian

There is something to be said about Indian-Chinese food.. Delicious! And Gobi Manchurian is clearly a front-runner when it comes to awesome Indian-Chinese dishes! Luckily, I get to eat this crispy, savory and spicy dish in many restaurants around where we live. But I wanted to make a home-made version of this super tasty dish… Continue reading Gobi Manchurian

Garlic Coconut Chutney

I love garlic. It's flavorful, nutritious and helps keep evil forces away! What's not to like? So on one random cloudy evening, I got a craving for Rava Dosa. But instead of usual cilantro-mint chutney, I was looking for something that has a nice kick to eat Dosas with. Just then, I saw an advertisement… Continue reading Garlic Coconut Chutney