White Wine

Homebrew Chardonnay- Prologue

I am starting the chardonnay homebrew this weekend. Yay!! Simple kit, with ready chardonnay must, yeast, clarifiers and other agents arrived at my doorstep a few weekends back. It has since been waiting patiently to be unpacked, temperature conditioned and inoculated with trusty old yeast to fulfill its destiny.

Okay, when you look past the dramatization, what you will find is a simple announcement. That a 4-post series about wine fermentation is coming your way!! Isn’t that exciting?? First post will explain primary fermentation setup and inoculation. Second post will talk about end of primary fermentation and start of secondary fermentation. Third post will cover clarifying wine and removing yeast whereas the last and fourth post will cover bottling and storage part.

Wine is better when aged and same applies to its fermentation process. Therefore, I advise you my dear reader, to possess your soul with patience. This post series will come slowly, over next couple months or more.

Stay tuned…


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