Source Your Raw Material!

It all has to start at the beginning of everything. What you make is only as good as what you started with. That’s true in our everyday lives as well as for food. Especially for food. Fresh ingredients are the key to great tasting food. And this is where “how they have been grown” comes in. There was a time when I used to think organic is over rated. I was convinced it was a way to just extract money out of my (and every other consumer’s) pocket.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. Time and again, I have noticed a considerable difference in organically grown fruits and usual fruits. Organic fruits burst with flavor and they just feel incredibly fresh. There is a genuine ‘aha..’ factor there. This is particularly true for all berries. And leafy vegetables. Another thing that is notably different is that organically produced food is rather normal in size. When I see an onion that is larger than both my fists put together or cauliflower that is larger than my head, I seriously wonder what has gone in that soil that caused so monstrous a size.

So in my continuous search of good (and affordable) organic produce, I came across Timptations. And another term- “locavore”, which means eat food that is grown locally. This is a produce delivery program that runs in Santa Clara county of bay area in California. I am sure there are programs like this elsewhere. They have different sizes of boxes and different frequency of delivery. So you can choose what’s convenient for you. I get their large box twice a month and I don’t go vegetable and fruit shopping these days. At-all. Seriously. This lasts me the whole month and I make occasional special purchases for things I crave. Other than that, we only step out to get dairy, bread and other non-perishables. Isn’t that sweet??

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The way it works is simple. Once you have chosen your box, you get an email or you can check their website weekly or biweekly to see the menu for upcoming box. They will list the details of all different vegetables and fruits you will be receiving. For some reason, you aren’t entirely happy with upcoming collection or you are allergic to something, no problem! They have a great substitution menu. Which includes general staple like onions, potatoes etc. That really takes the cake for me. Substitution. Double up on something you like and replace something you don’t. Very-very-simple!


Also, they have a la carte items, which include cheeses, oils, dry fruits, local honey etc. It is an excellent fresh collection of things that simply gets delivered along with your box delivery. The delivery is not to individual homes though. Corporate and certain central locations is where they deliver; but that’s still plenty around bay area.

Timptations folks claim their food to be 90% organic and 100% locally grown. It is certainly very delicious and has inspired me to eat raw often enough. If it tastes great, why wouldn’t you? What makes it taste better, you ask? There are many different things folded into this one word organic. No pesticides is most common, but there is also no artificial fertilizers. No GMOs. No genetically engineered species of food in question. The term encompasses all of these. Separately or in combination. That’s what make produce from this program more juicy, flavorful and colorful. One good thing I have noticed with these guys, if a particular item isn’t as fresh or well-ripened to their liking, it will not make its appearance in the box. This happens exceedingly rarely, but when it does, they care enough to not give low quality food to their customers. They substitute that for something else that has met the standards.


Of course needless to say, what I get in my produce box is what ends up on our plates and on this blog. This is how I learned to like kale chips and make zucchini bread. Fall has invariably brought along apples and pumpkins. Stay tuned, some of those will make appearance here soon enough.

If you want to give it a try, please check out Timptations prices and pickup locations here.


One thought on “Source Your Raw Material!

  1. haha I just said something similar recently on my blog: “Your recipe can only be as healthy as the ingredients you start with”. I’m all about organic, because my health is priority #1. 🙂


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