Sides and Snacks

Goat cheese, Raspberries and Honey

This is a real simple one. And no, I am not being lazy. In fact, quite the opposite.

I did a quick bike ride earlier today, finished my usual workout and afterwords I was looking for a quick snack. Something that is healthy and satisfying.

I opened my fridge and found some fresh goat cheese.


Well, it was a good thing to also find some fresh raspberries. So I crumbled goat cheese on a plate, added raspberries, drizzled some honey and added a couple of almonds..

There are health benefits associated with eating honey after workouts. Who would have thought? Either way, it was super satisfying and invigorating after a good workout.

It will be a great quick snack after a long day too. Just the thing to freshen you up!


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