From the mind

What Sól taught me

I visited Iceland recently. It’s a magical place. Nature, in all its grandeur is forever present all the way to horizon on all sides. People are polite, nice and willing to help you out. They are also extremely well-connected to the grid. Among those who crossed my path, one person really struck me as remarkable… Continue reading What Sól taught me


Saffron Oatmeal with Blueberry Sauce

Breakfast never before equated oatmeal for me. In India, this trend hasn’t caught up yet, so growing up I had whole another range of food that I called (and still call) breakfast. After I moved here, my breakfast has moved from black coffee-Nutella sandwich to glass of milk with banana and whole lot of other… Continue reading Saffron Oatmeal with Blueberry Sauce

Main Dish

Dan Dan Noodles

Okay, so if I haven’t already said million times that I love Chinese food, let me say it in this post to remove any remaining doubt. “I love chinese food- 999999X.” We have a favorite Sichuan restaurant that serves amazing vegetarian Dan Dan Noodles. I love it to the point that I am inclined to lick… Continue reading Dan Dan Noodles


Clementine Cake

I had not baked anything in a while. As in, baked sweet delicious little things.. I have baked asparagus, brussel sprouts and other food for weekday dinners. But dessert had been somehow outside of the radar. But it was March, weather was getting better and it was one of my friend’s birthday. Perfect reason to… Continue reading Clementine Cake


Gulab Jamun

This is a quintessential Indian dessert. Delicious, very soft, deep fried flour balls completely soaked in sugar syrup; these little balls of awesomeness will be certainly present for any Indian festive, happy occasion or celebration. Life events world over get celebrated over Gulab Jamun. It is as notorious in its skills-and-experience requirement while cooking as… Continue reading Gulab Jamun

Appetizers · Sides and Snacks

Mint Chutney

I am going to make a confession- I am obsessed with mint. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Who would otherwise go to the extent of adding “mint” even in their blog name? So along with that obsession comes the perpetual need to try it out in many different forms in many different recipes.… Continue reading Mint Chutney

Appetizers · Breakfast

Kande Pohe

Today’s recipe is a very simple preparation, fresh and yet simple flavors. But staying true to this legendary Da Vinci saying “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, it will invariably make you build, quite unknowingly too, a sophisticated net of memories that come to surface every time you smell the tangy, steamy fragrance of Kande Pohe. When I… Continue reading Kande Pohe


Strawberry Mint Smoothie

Smoothies is an all time favorite “snack” to me. Extremely quick to make, very refreshing to taste and even better, making smoothie is a sure-shot way of consuming all the fresh fruits stacked up in our fridge! Don’t just eat one at a time, go all-the-way.. Anyway, so when you don’t have variety of berries to… Continue reading Strawberry Mint Smoothie

Appetizers · Breakfast

Savory Pancakes (Amboli)

This is immensely quick to prepare. Really. I mean, they’re pancakes. So the quick preparation and comfort factor are guaranteed! But the usual sweetness is replaced by its good friend. The one that doesn’t necessarily make appearance on breakfast table that frequently, unless you are making an omelet. These pancakes are eggless and they are… Continue reading Savory Pancakes (Amboli)


Cardamom Mint Chai

It hardly rains in California. Come to think of it, there are hardly any seasons here. Of course, everybody knows that.. That’s a trade-off for perpetual sun; no change in my wardrobe. I will take that though; no major complaints. Sunshine is brilliant and I am happy to have that all year-long. What I absolutely… Continue reading Cardamom Mint Chai


Date with Fig Smoothie

This is a season when I am in love with Figs. I wanted to try more things with it and since a craving one morning called for it, I made a fig smoothie with dates and honey. Not only is it tasty, but it’s B-E-A-utiful to look at. Smoothie version of figs muffles the color,… Continue reading Date with Fig Smoothie


Fig Mascarpone Tart

I am always fascinated by tarts. Their wavy shape, that flaky texture, soft and rich filling… It is so appealing! And, in my view, Figs are magical objects. The dark outer coating that resembles an onion, brilliant mauve color once cut open, tender threadlike flesh and sweet taste! And to make it even more awesome,… Continue reading Fig Mascarpone Tart

From the mind

Objectively Right Principles

Yesterday, the world woke up to the historic outcome of US presidential election. I and everyone I personally know was shocked by the fact that Mr. Donald Trump is the president-elect of this 2016 election. How could this happen? I was bewildered and confused. I live in silicon valley, which is the center of innovation,… Continue reading Objectively Right Principles


DIY Tire Storage Ottoman

It’s exciting to write my first post in the DIY series. This is not the first DIY project I have done, but this is a special house warming gift, so it feels appropriate to start with this one. Recently I had access to some old car tires. Four tires! Woohooo.. I was super excited. I… Continue reading DIY Tire Storage Ottoman

Main Dish · Soups and Salads

Roasted Squash Fava Bean Salad

Summer is really making its presence felt around here. Hundred degrees?? That’s just unbearable especially when you don’t have A/C.. Oh well. What do you do when it gets that hot then? Dream of fall, that’s what. Today’s recipe is flashback. A dream of fall that is bygone but will be here soon, crisp and… Continue reading Roasted Squash Fava Bean Salad

Main Dish · Red Wine

No-Knead Pizza

I have always wanted to make pizza at home; but it has been rather easier to just order online and bite into my favorite thin crust pizza from our neighborhood pizzeria. Then I saw pins about gluten-free crusts. It’s not that I am allergic to gluten, but gluten-free essentially meant no kneading. I was more… Continue reading No-Knead Pizza

Main Dish · Soups and Salads

Spinach Lentil Soup

This is a simple daal preparation, which many a times I drink by itself. Steaming hot, flavorful and mildly spicy, this is a perfect way to end a hectic day and retire with a book on the sofa. I love indian daal, to the point that I really crave for it ALL the time. It… Continue reading Spinach Lentil Soup

White Wine

Homebrew Chardonnay- Prologue

I am starting the chardonnay homebrew this weekend. Yay!! Simple kit, with ready chardonnay must, yeast, clarifiers and other agents arrived at my doorstep a few weekends back. It has since been waiting patiently to be unpacked, temperature conditioned and inoculated with trusty old yeast to fulfill its destiny. Okay, when you look past the… Continue reading Homebrew Chardonnay- Prologue